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Sponsored Podcasts

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital recording made available on the Internet – it is an ideal way to promote a new product or service and to highlight communication information about your services and/or products.

Like all other forms of e-media a Podcast delivers measurable results and a clear return on investment which is so crucial in these challenging trading conditions.

What will a Podcast do for my business?

Materials Today will be hosting our own podcasts with industry experts discussing major news stories – and offering one company an exclusive, high impact opportunity to sponsor it. Let your sales representative know if there are particular subjects you would be interested in sponsoring.

Your Podcast will then remain on for as long as you require, plus it will be advertised on the Materials Today e-alert for the first month.

Use this facility to launch a new product and combine your broadcast with visual information not available in a low grade podcast. This direct, high impact advertising opportunity will guarantee your company the highest level of recognition among your target audience.

We are happy to offer advice in what will drive more traffic to your own website.

To request further information on sponsored Podcasts contact us