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Materials Today Virtual Conferences

A Materials Today is a videoconferencing session via the Internet. In order to interact with other participants, attendees use either a Web application or an application downloaded into their client machines. Web conferencing offers advantages over traditional room-based videoconferencing because applications such as collaborative Web browsing, file transfer and application sharing are easily supported over the Internet.

Given the ever increasing interest in the materials science field and the prominent stature of our invited speakers, we are confident that we will attract a large number of delegates with our new Spring and Fall Virtual Conference program.

In October 2010, the Materials Today team enjoyed great success with it’s first ever Virtual Conference – attracting over 1,400 registrants.

Our sponsor’s packages include a virtual both to showcase your company; interact with delegates through live chat facilities and in the virtual networking lounge. Plus the added benefit of being included in the extensive online and print marketing campaign which provides great brand exposure.

Sample sponsorship packages:

Platinum - One Sponsor - 1000 US lead guarantee

  • + 50% of all additional US leads generated after the live event
  • + Speaking slot - our Editorial team will work with the sponsor to optimize this opportunity for you - we will be flexible but the content delivered must be of educational merit (keynote, interview style, round table)

Gold - 500 lead guarantee

  • + 25% of any additional leads generated after the live event

Silver - 300 lead guarantee

  • + 10% of any additional leads generated after the live event

Bronze - 125 lead guarantee

  • + 5% of any additional leads generated after the live event

For details of our most recent Virtual Conference visit: